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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Government is not "so stupid or unimaginative"? That's Really Begging the Question

I find this article in malaysiakini interesting:

"Dr M: Sodomy again? Gov't not so stupid"

Well after almost 40 years of BN rule of which 22 years were under his thumb, I suppose TDM should be the best person to answer his own question.
Some writers have commented that Malaysians have been "sodomised" for so long by the government with major corruption casting an intricate web across major departments like the police, the judiciary and immigration and also involving politicians, it should be no major surprise that in his own words, we are been saddled with a "half-past six" government.

Don't forget who passed the baton to the present PM and who also now is claiming hs first choice at that time will never become the PM. If we check all the constitutional amendments I am sure most of them were made during the last 20 years.

Apart from the major destruction to the intricate balance between the Executive and the Judiciary, Malaysia's human capital has been subject to wanton wastage with tens of thousands of young Malaysians leaving the nation.

This has been going on for many years and a major change is that even talented Malays prefer not to come back as they can see the rot in the system and don't know how or if the nation can change for the better.
So stupid or unimaginative may be an apt description. After all if you hold political power, other qualities are not really necessary. That is the sad truth.

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michael said...

Well done, sir. I like your repartee to the hypocrite. His legacy to us all is this god-forsaken mess we call a nation.