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Saturday, July 12, 2008

SYABAS ACA! Is it Time to Expand the Prison Network?

Just soon after the AG has been removed from their chain of command the ACA has been swift to get into action as featured in this malaysiakini article:

"Another senior immigration officer nabbed by ACA"

It only shows that with the political will of the leaders, corruption can be checked and reduced to a more tolerable level. I won't say eliminated as even Singapore has not been able to achieve that.

The bad news is that with a tainted immigration system, Malaysia is also under the spotlight by the UK authorities and we may soon be required to apply for visas.
I suggest that the ACA should also check if the arrested officers had any links to those who provided documents to the thousand of illegals in Sabah. It is possible that some were serving in the Registration Department before.

Well done ACA! Keep up the good work and I am sure most Malaysians will support your efforts.


Macgaiyver said...

Hats OFF to ACA and Gang! people may Q why so long to dig all this? Hey better than nothing!
There are still so many many out there! Hope they will be FLASH out with high jet pressure pumps!!
See their face in TV ,Just like Dr Jakel and Mrs Hydes!
There are so many dept to look into and many BIG BIG Fish ! I wish the ACA can stand alone ,unfortunately still have 2 BOSS,Why ,still a ? !!!
THe ACA must be a Independent Institution ,if have proof can make arrest direct without reporting to any Ministers or Rulling Party than its a power house,dare make corruption ????
Well done hope our index will be better in 2009!!!
We want a transparency and loyal Gov't not a bunch of money making Politicians. Look at them in the Dewan sitting like my Kids in Tadika!!
Wish run aways Big investors will be BACK and make Malaysia one of the best country to live in!

slyderrose said...

ACA let be honest with what you are doing. Show your integrity and proof to public that you are what you are. No more sandiwara and wayang kulit.

Khun Pana said...

For this they the ACA deserves a well done?
I calls this as half baked and screwed up!

No working visa/foreign business permits/citizenship/M2H / DP10 /prolong Visa extension can be done without getting the approval from Kementerian Dalam Negeri.
Only with KDN greenlight . the imigresen can issue the documents.
Now you know that theres 2 dept involved?

It shows that all the monkey businesses leads to those in the higher ups in PutraJaya.
It did NOT stop at that dept director general office.
Please be aware before giving kudos to the aca

H J Angus said...

thanks for your comments.

khun pana
maybe you could contact the nearest ACA office and see how your info is handled?