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Friday, July 4, 2008

Politicians Come and Go But We NEED INTEGRITY in the Law Enforcement Agencies

Yes that is basic necessity for any nation to progress and prosper.
Many will say that these two agencies have become tainted during the past 35 odd years and all citizens share part of the blame.

After we elect MPs to office we need to keep them as honest as possible to look after our interests and the greater good. If we keep on re-electing lousy MPs and corrupt political parties to run the government, the system tends to decay. Ask any first year engineering student about the basic law of entropy and the decay process.

malaysiakini has the story:
"Police to probe PI's statutory declarations"

I would not hold my breath for any satisfactory outcome as the police have yet to adopt the long-delayed IPCMC that would enable them to regain some of the lost public confidence. Similarly we are also waiting for the Judicial Commission to be established.

Even if PKR is able to take over the government we must always maintain vigilance so that our country can get back on the proper track to progress. Malaysians have been too complacent about the political process - isn't it time we grow up a little?

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