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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Arresting ANWAR - A Hasty Move by the Police

Coming so soon after they subjected tens of thousands of KL dwellers to hour-long delays with the security blockade of Parliament, the police are not doing their public image any good with the arrest of Anwar outside his house as described in this malaysiakini article:

"Anwar arrested outside his house"

This comes after the televised press conference where the CID chief gave him up to 2pm to report or the police would take other options. According to the malaysiakini article the police were waiting to arrest him at 12:55pm.

Maybe the police want to show how powerful they are but to me this is a misguided effort. We have wasted so much resources like "a convoy of 15 cars" when a more suitable approach would have been to send 1 car to accompany his car to the police station.
The arrest is unnecessary unless the police had reliable information that he was not going to report in.

One cannot but suspect this rough approach may be the reaction to his earlier presence at the ACA HQ.

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anfield devotee said...

If only the cops had dedicated similar resources in capturing the child rapist/murderers in our midst, the streets would be safe efr children to roam again . . .