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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The GREAT DEBATE on TV - WELL DONE to All Involved.

I'm not sure how much of this info was used to spice up the debate that was televised live on Bernama.

"Petronas posts record profit of RM61 bil"

I am sure how all those struggling with higher fuel costs will receive such good news in malaysiakini as Petronas' profits has increased by RM14.6bil, up 31.5%.
In any company that would be considered sterling results.

But back to the debate between the Information Minister and Anwar Ibrahim. The debate was conducted in a civilised manner with good exchanges and the winner was.......Well it depends on which side you support.

Both speakers are good but I felt Anwar's public speaking skills were better and he seemed surer about his arguments.

The biggest winner is the government that allowed such a debate to take place as it enables all Malaysians to see that we can agree to disagree in a proper manner.

The next step of progress towards an informed citizenry would be to have a series of such debates for the next general elections.

Come to think about it, we should encourage such debates for anyone seeking public office like the Presidency of UMNO or even becoming the next Prime Minister.

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zamani said...

I agree with your conclusion that in the end, the Government has won the debate and not Shabery or Anwar which shows they can agree to disagree. Nevertheless, personally, in my opinion, Bro. Anwar has more bite and the gist of the issues on debate.

Well done to the organisor who has succesfully arranged this 'surprised Debate' despite some uncertainties they faced in trying to get it on because of all pressing issues related to Anwar and the current political and security situation in the capital for the last three days.