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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When the going gets TOUGH, the TOUGH MUST Get GOING - NO Use Complaining

"Pak Lah, just get the job done"

This is an excellent letter from malaysiakini.
Watching the PM deliver his speech to his department was quite painful and I suggest he needs a better scriptwriter.

No use complaining about people telling lies and the unconvincing attempt to equate slander with treason. I wonder who gave him that particular slant? It was really pathetic.
In fact he should spend less energy on such a useless pep(?) talk to his staff - I am sure most of them too feel the pain when he makes such a speech. It is a downer right at the beginning of the day!

I remember towards the end of the first term there was some reference to half-time in a football match and the way things are, there will be no extra time.
The time for action is NOW - no action should have taken place one year ago before the present political quicksand engulfed our nation.

There is some hint of emergency rule (a reason for SAPP's climb down) but that would be a major disaster for Malaysia unless it is an integral part of the action to fulfill all the promises of the first time he won with more than 90% support of the people.

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