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Friday, July 4, 2008

Lies, Lies and MORE Lies......?

This guy deserves the third degree for wasting everyone's time.
Maybe a stint at the Taman Bahagia hospital would be more appopriate.

He now claims that the first SD was "under duress" but what is there to come back tomorrow and claim that this second SD is also under duress?

You can read the second SD at malaysiakini's

Some lawyers are getting wealthy with so many SDs but perhaps the Bar should caution them that the SD should explain more fully about the source and type of duress.
This SD is just a total disclaimer of the all the details of the first SD.

We must get to the bottom of this conspiracy or the conspiracy's bottom?


Bunga Raya said...

"I never had sexual relations with that woman" Those were Bill's words, and they were untrue too.

"At no time did Abdul Razak inform me that Najib had a sexual relationship with that woman".

That would be another "never, never" or "never never"...

One can only imagine what kind of phone call Balasubramaniam received. Three children, one wife...

The retraction really strengthens my concern over the overall situation. It may escalate and turn very ugly.

As much as it is an interesting and enjoyable time, it's a very dangerous time for those whose heads stick out. Not only Anwar should be careful.

What if Saiful mentioned to somebody that he too regrets his statement and considers to retract.

I think the PM has too little power for anyone to rely on his safety guarantees.

Or is his idea of safety to bring in the armed forces?

All this can goes either way. Either the BN bastion falls, or they turn it into another Operasi Lalang.

There's a lot of vested interests in the bastion. That is what makes this situation so very dangerous.

I hope that the most responsible people in the sitting coalition see the risks. The best thing that could happen now would be for them to decide to step out, go independent and in that way force the necessary change in a non-violent manner.

IbnAbdHalim said...

Guess how many millions was paid to Bala to retract his SD? Or was his and his family's lives at stake? Only God knows.

slyderrose said...

Why police asked this PI to report to brickfield police station after press statement yesterday. What had transpired there??. Look weird lah. Another attempt to suppress evidence.

Najis the best option is to sue the PI. Period. Don't hide behind the IGP and AG.