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Saturday, July 19, 2008

No Need for the PM to Comment on Anwar's Case - If only they had Implemented the IPCMC

The Home Minister is having a tough job to convince most Malaysians that the latest "sodomee" case is real and not conceived of political expediency especially when the accuser was seen in photos with various ministers and also having sought advice from the DPM.

We all read how the soiled mattress was dragged into court with fabricated samples but this was enough to get a guilty verdict returned.

Now even the PM has to chip in about the DNA sample as mentioned in this article from malaysiakini:

"Existing DNA sample too old, says PM"

If only the authorities had implemented the IPCMC the public would have more confidence in the proper course of justice.
Isn't this so very obvious?


chong said...

this is too disgusting to see the drama/accusation get fruther developed. If we really wanna save malaysia & really wanna kick out the incompetent and corruptedtothecore government, by just bashing them in the internet & hoping the opposition party to do it for us isn’t enough. We should take our own action too. However to demonstate or tunjuk perasaan isn’t the effective way. We should instead give pressure to our ‘wakil rakyat’ because they represent us. At each of the respective districts which are under the ruling party, we should invite the news reporters, the polis and demonstrate at the ‘wakil rakyat’ office or home, to officially send them a memorandum spelling clearly their obligation and duty, and our expectation from him; failing which they should resign as failing to represent us. I think it is a more effective way to make our wakil rakyat realise that they are chosen by us and we can dismiss their too. Then they will take action to ensure the government making the right decision or they will swift to pakatan rakyat.

People said...

It make ppl more anger when some of those stupid idiot in the MCA try to brain wash others to believe about this allegation against DSAI!
Are they human being? I'm doubt on that!