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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another CONUNDRUM for the PM....How Do You Investigate the IGP and the AG?

So Anwar has lodged his report against the two for allegedly fabricating evidence during his trial 10 years ago.

These are serious charges and malaysiakini has the article headed:
"Anwar lodges report against IGP, AG"

What complicates the issue is that Anwar himself is at present being accused of the same charge of sodomy as in the previous case.
So how do the police investigate the top guns in these departments?

It seems the government is in a difficult situation as the credibility of the government is now at risk - OK I know some of you will complain "What credibility?"

But if Malaysians want to look beyond the batch of people perceived to be corrupted, we need to start doing some things the right way or our nation will descend to the pariah nation that is Zimbabwee.

In major corporations, if any investigation is being carried out, the person under scrutiny takes a leave of absence. In this case it would be proper for the PM to ask the IGP and the AG to take time off so that the case can be properly investigated.

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DR SURESH K said...

I absolutely agree with you Angus,that both Annuar Musa and Ghani Patil should be relieved of thier duties pending the investigation against them,thats the right and ethical thing to do.

But then they both are the pawns of the govt.the govt need them to nail Anwar therefore its a remote possibility that Pak lah will ever ask them to go on leave.But there is a very high possibility that Pak Lah is the one who might go on leave.What will be the reaction of an ostrich when it is under threat?