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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DOOMSDAY for Malaysia?

Just read many of the comments in malaysiakini and Lim Kit Siangs's blog and you will find a common thread:

Many Malaysians have a poor outlook for Malaysia and some even feel we are headed towards the level of Zimbabwee, another nation where the leader has resorted to criminal acts to retain power.

We are slightly more refined and you can read about our style in this article from malaysiakini:
"Umno-PAS rule in S'gor - 'Anwar ruined it'"
Nothing really wrong about political parties plotting to remain in power.....it is up to the citizens to reject parties that have been harping on race and religion and promoting extremism in their efforts and it heartening to note that more Malaysians are embracing and supporting multi-racial parties like PKR and the DAP.

So what is the Doomsday scenario for Malaysia? Maybe in 15 years time after the construction of the nuclear power plant with sub-standard construction materials and mediocre maintenance, we will produce the first nuclear melt-down in Asia. Will the fall-out end in China?


MYblog said...

So Far they have been getting away with murder (even in the real sense) by shoddy construction at mega prices without any major disaster, the three lane highway expansion will be the first as it is not up to standard and if you drive while raining, your car will skid, it has happened to me so I drive at 80km or less and even then it skids at places especially when there are pools of water.

Nuclear, my foot, they will kills us all.

lee said...

There is a BIG VERY BIG difference if Pakatan and DSAI comes to power vs the current BeeEnd power structure and you should highlight it in your blog.

If DSAI ever comes to power, people should not worry, because DAP and PAS comes to power also as EQUAL partners. Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru will not just let DSAI do as he wants.

This will truly be a check and balance govt. Likewise , PAS cant do as they want without angering DAP and also DAP cant do as they want without angering PAS. Because if any of the 3 walks out of Pakatan, Pakatan Rakyat will fall as the Govt. So , all 3 parties work together!...No one single party can call the shots, ie PAS cant simply 'impose' the Islamic state concept without DAP agreeing............DAP cant simply take away the constituionally protected 'special rights' without PAS agreeing.....and finally DSAI cant do as and what he pleases without Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang in concurrence....becoz with Pakatan Rakyat, any of the 3 walking away, they will fall!...............that is REAL check and balance and a true coalition

That is the difference vs DSAI 10 years ago when he was in BeeEnd.

now compare above with the situation In BeeEnd,................ everybody knows Badawi and Najis can do as they want. UMNO rules BeeEnd as Superme King. All the rest, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc etc etc are just running dogs and prostitutes for their masters in UMNO! That is why you have corruption galore!..u call whats happening now in BeeEnd a coalition of partners????

That is the real difference between a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Govt and the current corrupt govt we have.