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Friday, July 25, 2008


These 2 articles in malaysiakini indicate the serious nature of the problems afflicting our nation Malaysia:

"Police prisoners of circumstances under Anwar"
I know readers must be a little fed up when I mention IPCMC but that body would have also protected the police from being manipulated by leaders who have no principles.
Of course we also need to ensure that the most senior posts of the police are held by people of the utmost integrity to ensure that corruption does not rise to the top.

In that sense, the IGP should be somebody who is perceived to be even cleaner than the PM as the latter can be voted out by the people every 4 years but the former can do grave injustice to ordinary folks over many years.

The second article:
"PM confirms power share deal with PAS"
shows the extent to which UMNO is prepared to go to remain in power. The action indicates that it operates on a simple principle that it will do anything to retain political power. It seems that the decison to let the state keep their expensive toys is akin to the hasty RM1bil grants each to Sabah and Sarawak to them the 2 states within the BN.

There is an excellent article by Dr Collin Abraham on
"Ombudsman for national unity reforms"
http://www.malaysiakini.com/opinions/86663 about a national unity government to get Malaysia out of its sorry and sad state of affairs and maybe Raja Nazrin's recent comments about the royals being more involved in nation-building bears serious consideration as politicians have been given too much leeway by everyone.

Now it is up to each and every one of us to save Malaysia from impending doom. I think our Doomsday clock is now half past eleven.

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Khun Pana said...

It was the polis themselves who rejected having the IPCMC in place outright.
They threatened the pm and threatened umno that the polis will not vote for bn if the government proceeds with IPCMC implementation.
We have cops who are as good as a piece of sh*t.

For the benefits of other readers who are not sure what happened,and as to why badawi pussy footed or flip flop skipping the IPCMC
read from this link-http://www.jeffooi.com/2006/05/post_20.php

Thank You