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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is THAT the Best UMNO Can Manage?

"PM to retire in 2 years, Najib will take over"

I wonder why top UMNO leaders are so afraid of leadership contests. Already we have seen how depending on power brokers and the so-called "handover" to the President's choice has afflicted our nation with the present leadership crisis for the past four years.

We have been promised much but little has been actually delivered. In fact the most important reform program, the IPCMC has been buried somewhere in Putrajaya or has it also been blown up with C4?

Just look at how the Democratic Party of the USA makes the selection for the Presidential contest. The established versus the new kid on the block. After about nine months of a gruelling campaign Obama could become the first black President of the USA.

I guess that is why it is called "the land of the free". Incidentally if your father was the President of the USA, it does not mean you would make a good President. Just look at George Bush - what a mess he is leaving behind. As the saying goes, "Like father, like son."

Maybe UMNO is just hoping the economy will turn before the next elections. Or it could become history soon.

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