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Monday, July 7, 2008


I always believe that Malayisa will progress better if the silent majority begin to take a more active role in politics or the nations's progress will be hijacked for the interests of only the few.

This is an angry letter from one of those people sent to malaysiakini:

"Don't misjudge us silent majority"

I am sure the silent majority is also upset at the leadership or some will claim the lack of it of the present PM who seems rather indecisive about important issues that have plagued the nation for many years.

To enable readers to offer feedback to the PM, there is the poll (in orange) on the left column and so far 1279 readers have taken the poll.

The results show the following:

  1. 47% or 607 readers suggest "The Game is Over - Go Gracefully"
  2. 53% or 672 believe that he should continue in the office with different tasks he should focus on:
  3. 19% or 237 chose "Make the Judicial Review and IPCMC the First Business in Parliament"
  4. 16% or 202 chose "Bring Your Predecessor to Justice"
  5. 12% or 154 chose "Step Up Reforms by Doubling the Speed"
  6. 6% or 79 felt "Carry on as normal. You are Doing Fine"
It is interesting to note the following:
Before the recent fuel hike , only 36% felt he should step down but in recent weeks another 11% (total) picked this choice.
Also items 4 and 5 were almost level but now the difference is greater.
Overall, there is still some hope that the PM will finally deliver on his promises.

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