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Thursday, July 10, 2008

PM to Announce Handover Date? Perhaps the Solution is to DECLARE Emergency Rule

I find the malaysiakini story rather incredulous:
"PM to declare no contest for Umno top 2"

By preventing suitable candidates from challenging for posts, UMNO becomes a party that is feudalistic and not a democratic party.
If the PM makes an announcement of his retirement plan, he becomes a "lame duck" PM and would not be inclined to implement the urgent reforms that are necessary for Malaysia to get out of the downward spiral.

Now if he declares an emergency and takes action to fulfill all the promises he made to Malaysians for the first time he won the elections as the PM, I am sure most Malaysians will be prepared to support him for another 2 years of tough reforms.

Already PKR is planning their "no confidence" motion. UMNO does not have the luxury of 2 more years of "same old" and a snap election appears possible.
I don't think Malaysians will support the notion of emergency rule if it is just to keep the BN in power.


donplaypuks® said...

You are writing as though this is all new. Have you, like that alleged about a certain PM, been sleeping on the job?

This is precisely what has been going on in BN & UMNO for the last 30 years. And when Dr.M announced his retirement, did he become a 'lame duck?'.

No, everything depends on the chracters involved, their strength and integrity.

As for the 'no contest' system, sure, it sucks! But it's the status quo,or haven't you noticed it in MCA & MIC as well?

Wake up, wake up!!

bexe said...

The country has ground to a halt because our leaders have abdicated. They are now too busy covering their own behind and vacated the country's pilot house. No one is looking after our economy and our social pains. They are busing working out by themselves who should be the next PM when the fact is that the only people that should be doing it is the people.
Therefore we should suspend Parliament and call fro fresh election. Only then can we move positively forward.
Wishful? Perhaps but worth my saying nevertheless.