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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just a Friendly Hint from BIG BROTHER, the USA

I think most Malaysians are not upset by the suggestion from the US spokesman in KL that the Anwar case seems to be a case of history repeating itself and expressing concern about the political motivation that may be involved.

Of course the Malaysian government has the right to protest about the "interference" in our internal affairs as mentioned in this malaysiakini article:

"PM assures safety of both complainant, accused"

It is commendable of the PM to assure Anwar's family that his safety was assured even though he was not really obliged to do so.
It shows that the PM is basically a decent chap. I remember when he first took office and he sent a Christmas card to all the churches but I don't remember any subsequent Christmas cards - perhaps the duties of his office are too heavy to bother about such trivialities.

But it seems Anwar's move to secure attention to his cause has succeeded and the authorities must prove their actions are beyond reproach. That's a little problematic as the government has conveniently forgotten all about the IPCMC; one of the major initiatives to redeem our police force.

But why should the USA be interested in Malaysia? Just like the Straits of Hormuz that is under threat by Iran, the Malacca Straits is a strategic waterway and the USA would not want Malaysia to become another Burma or Zimbabwee.


Zawi said...

Many people think that Anwar maybe more friendly with the US. How I wish we have other leaders than the present crop to bring about drastic to Malaysia.

Birds Talking Too said...

Congratulations for your third year of blogging since SCUM.

My blogsite "Birds Talking" have been hacked and destroyed together with my 2 others last Friday.

It is now at Birds Talking Too at:-http://birdstalkingtoo.blogspot.com

I have corrected your new link at this new site.

Cheers and Regards
Donald G.H Tan

H J Angus said...

Thanks for dropping by. I suggest U shd get involved in politics too. Even at state level people like U will be able to contribute to Malaysia.

Sorry to hear about your loss. Too critical about some birds?
SCUM? That's a dirty place - I don't go there anymore. Guess all of us should make copies of our blog elsewhere so it will give some protection.