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Saturday, July 5, 2008

"What a DIFFERENCE a Day Makes" or the Case of the DISAPPEARING PI

Older readers may recall the old song sung by one of the crooners like Dean Martin and the Bala case of the conflicting SDs could be the title of a story of the Perry Mason series.

But this is really a sad case and this PI is in some serious trouble unless he can prove he was mentally not here when he made one of the SDs.

You can read the malaysiakini story here:

The first SD was so detailed and contained something like 20 odd statements of claim and now he has made another SD with exactly the same details but in the negative version.
Obviously something is seriously wrong here.

With so many details, it is possible that one or two claims are not properly worded but disclaiming 100% of all the details seems incredulous.
The police must probe this case and provide a plausible reason that can be believed. At the moment the public is wondering about what could have transpired at the police station.

In the photos of the second SD, one can see that Bala is clearly a worried man.
He definitely looks under great stress at the PC of the second SD; with arms folded, a grim look on his face and even the cap indicates he is trying to disguise himself.

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