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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Worse than Terrorism?.......

You can read the responses to the arrests of the HINDRAF Five in malaysiakini and also the justification for the ISA in the mainstream media.

HINDRAF leaders have been accused of links with outside terror groups like the Tamil Tigers but so far all their speeches and actions have been about peaceful demonstrations to highlight the plight of the marginalised in Malaysia.

Now if they have links with terror groups and the police have accused them of such activities, why not charge them in court and see if the police have done their jobs properly?

After all the police themselves have been accused by many of using illegal methods and even found guilty by a Malaysian court of using torture on an ISA detainee. And we know they have fought vigorously against the IPCMC.

Perhaps the ISA should have been used against a few police officers for resisting the implementation of the IPCMC for that was the rcommendation made by the special commission created by the government.

The government now appears to be unable to place the proper checks on the police and have failed the expectations of the public.
Meanwhile it is prepared to wield its draconian powers of the ISA that give unfettered authority for a few individuals to wreak havoc on the lives of innocent citizens.

Even without bullets being fired and bombs being exploded, the ISA's powers can be more destructive than those of terrorists.

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