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Monday, December 3, 2007

Three Dead but the Main Sentiment is "The Show Must Go On"

You can read about the paratrooper deaths in malaysiakini and the mainstream press.

I watch the PM on TV3 last night and got the following vibes:

The main expression was too bad some people had to die but we have a show to put on.
TV3 did a lousy job to edit the PM's speech so that it seems the LIMA was paramount and the deaths could not be helped.

He gave the impression that he was more concerned about the show than how those people died and about those who were injured.

In Malaysia it seems we get more Armed Forces personnel getting killed via helicopter crashes, vehicle accidents and training incidents like this.

Of course soldiers should be prepared to face action under adverse conditions but how much training did these paratroopers have before this?

How were the weather conditions like and was it justified for the paratroopers to be endangered thus?

Was there a sudden change in wind patterns between the time the plane took off and the time?

How ready were the emergency and rescue operations and how soon did they arrive at the scene of the landing?

Our soldiers need better consideration for if we do not bother about their welfare they would be hard pressed to defend the nation when it really matters.

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