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Monday, December 10, 2007

Is There a Larger Conspiracy at Work?

malaysiakini has this article headed "EC chief: No other regime capable of running the country" and to me the sentiments expressed in the interview show that the EC Chairman is not really a fair person as far as conducting the general elections is concerned.

His tenure of office should not be extended under any circumstances and we should allow the person next in seniority to take over.

There have been complaints of phantom voters and other election scams and hopefully a new EC Chief will be able to address many of these problems.

Recently there was an uproar in the United Kingdom where millions of taxpayers' data was lost through negligence and this case in Malaysia also makes me wonder if there is a larger conspiracy at work.

A case like this shows how the Registration Department can create a "new person" while the original is asked to reapply for a new identity.
Is this how the Elections Commission can increase/decrease/shift voters in different constituencies so that there is no regime change?

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