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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Malaysia's Price is Right.......

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No one expects prices to stagnate especially since the government gave the over-bloated civil service a hefty pay rise.

Then we had the increase in petrol prices that ultimately gets worked into the price of daily goods.

Now malaysini has an article that we "must brace for gas and electricity price hikes".

Of course we all know that the oil price has reached almost US$100 a barrel and we also know that Malaysia will soon become a net importer of oil.

However the authorities too have shown that often they simply can't be bothered by the wanton wastage as shown in these few examples:

1.The blanket secrecy on the toll agreements.
2.The wasteful purchase/lease of the new executive jet.
3.The massive bleeding of funds into the PKFZ
4.The refusal to disclose how we are paying for a burnt-out shell of a space capsule.

The price of oil is well known and most people can understand that but the authorities have too many financial skeletons hidden in the closet.

It is time we demanded that all non-sensitive information be made public.

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