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Friday, December 21, 2007

BEWARE! malaysiakini warns "The Iron Horse is Coming....."

I am sure many of you would have watched old cowboy movies in which the Red Indians would fight against the railroad owners as they knew that the railroad would spell the end of the type of life they led.

In those days the natives knew little about economics or what benefits the railroad would bring.

If what a malaysiakini reader's views make sense, it appears that some leaders in government are similar to the Red Indians - they do not understand the economics of the train - in this case a rather costly affair.

The main problems with this type of contract are:

No competitive tenders so the price looks suspicious
EPF will have to carry the burden as usual
The modified contract has such a generous cost escalation in 4 years.

If a private company undertakes this type of business transaction, the person responsible would be fired or reported to the police for CBT.

Funny how the authorities can continue to act in a manner that defies all logic. Maybe it is a means to create a new type of train - the Gravy Train.

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