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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Can You Do a Little to Protect the Judiciary?

There is a new initiative here to improve the selection process to appoint judges.

Unlike the USA where the appointment of judges is vetted by special committees, here the PM is able to get his preferences subject only to the approval of the Agong.

This means that the PM can offer candidates that do not meet the highest standards that we the people wish for our nation.

So I encourage you to read the petition and if you agree, please send your full name and IC to


If you do not do a little now to help the judiciary your children will be able to do even less when the liberty of Malaysians are shackled more in the future.

Just watch the Lingam tapes and see how corruption can spread so far and wide. Ponder this question:

How high up do you think corruption in Malaysia has risen and how many institutions do you think are infected with the cancer?

Maybe an easier question would be:
Which institution/s do you think are corruption free and why do you think so?

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