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Monday, December 3, 2007

The Malays too Should be Marching Soon.....

According to malaysiakini the Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister Zainal Abidin Osman has claimed that "the monthly household income for Indians in 2004 was RM3,456, while it was RM2,711 for Malay households and RM4,437 for Chinese."

Now we know that HINDRAF has been asking for help as the Indian community has been sidelined with the NEP.

The Deputy Minister also states the "the poverty rate and hardcore poverty in 2004 among Indians was at 2.9 percent, 8.3 percent among Malays and 0.6 percent among the Chinese."

Before we get these disgruntled citizens all protesting vigorously in the streets of KL, we should be checking to see if the NEP is being properly used to target these hardcore families.

It would be good if the authorities also provided figures on the income levels and the progress numbers at the top end of the spectrum; ie the top money makers.

We should replace the NEP and start the NBP which stands for
NEEDS BASED PROGRAM that helps ALL the poor irrespective of race.

It is really so easy for the authorities to withdraw the NEP for the rich. They can start with the 10 to 15% housing discount for those who already own a property.

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