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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Special Complaints Commission.....

According to malaysiakini, the SCC has been called a "A 'watered-down' IPCMC-type body" and this cannot be good for our progress.

Initially I had conceived such a body to be a sort of Ombudsman with a great deal of independence but looking at the people that form part of the proposed SCC like the IGP and the ACA, we are creating problems of own making.

We all know that the IPCMC was mainly about problems in the police so how does the IGP investigate perhaps his own faults in the SCC?

Maybe this SCC can still work if those with "a special seat" are temporarily excused if complaints are brought up about their own department.

One other matter is that all the recommendations of the IPCMC should also be tackled in a transparent manner and not left simply to be conveniently forgotten.

No far there has been no definitive debates in Parliament except for some inconclusive comments like "85% of the problems have been solved". Or our MPs also sleeping in Parliament?

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