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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Quality of Justice is Strained in Malaysia.....

The following stories are featured in malaysiakini:

1.The utter disgust of those who sat on the RCI for the IPCMC with the proposed SCC.

2.The withdrawal of the attempted murder charge as the AG admits it is difficult to determine which of the 31 suspects actually threw the brick.

3.The special meetings between the PM and the Indian groups while some ministers still deny that Indians have been marginalised with the continuation of the NEP.

4.The detention of the HINDRAF leaders under the ISA, the most draconian of laws that allow suspects to be detained indefinitely at the pleasure of a minister.

While it is good that the PM seems to be listening to the plight of the Indians, it remains to be seen how he can deliver programs that allow this minority to share in the nation's wealth and progress.

As for the Attorney-General he appears to be wasting important resources by arresting people without proper justification and his grand appearance with the attempted murder charge is a farce at best and the abuse of power at worst.

What a pity he did not take a similar stance with the high profile corruption cases that have been frozen for years. Or even the Altuntaaya murder case that appears to be almost a non-newsworthy item now.

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