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Sunday, December 2, 2007

No Truth to Claims of Indians?

For once malaysiakini and the main stream media have a common story about our PM's wrath against the claims of "ethnic cleansing".

There is even a call by a MB to revoke the citizenship of the leaders of the movement.

Instead of trying to find out what caused the group of usually compliant citizens to rebel against authority, it seems the iron glove is being shown.

It shows that the 50 years of power and authority have left the national leaders incapable of seeking workable solutions except to threaten all with fire and brimstone.

The NEP was for a fixed period and during those long years of deprivation and sacrifice by the non-Bumis, the Bumi leaders were basically given a blank cheque to solve the imbalance problems.

We can see the result in Malaysian society:

I estimate the government service is not composed of about 90% Bumis,well beyond the population ratio.
The percentage in the police and the armed forces will not be much different.
Houses still need to be provided with 10% to 15% discount even for those who already own a house.

Perhaps "ethnic cleansing" is too strong a word for that implies being forced from one's home and into exile as a refugee if you escape the death squads.
But we have a different type of discrimination formulated during the past 38 years of the NEP.

These include:
Barriers to enter university.
No access to the civil service.
Difficulties to secure business deals.

No one wants to hear any preaching about religious duties or convictions but just make sure your actions match your words.

Do remember the saying.
"What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying".


malayamuda said...

Abdullah cannot be angry wt Hindraf.

when temples were being broken and when Hindraf appealed for him to invervene what did he do?

when non muslims were subjected to syariah law what was Abdullah's response ?

when Indian youths were killed in police custody and cases taken up by Uthayakumar, what did Abdullah do about it ?

when an Hindu mother was directed to teach Islam to her 2 young sons what was Abdullah response ?

when M Moorthy's widow was left shocked on the day of her Hindu husband's funeral when religious authorities confiscated his body for burial at a Muslim cemetary where was Abdullah ?

Maintaining his elegant silence ?

when Hindraf sent memorandum after memorandum to Pak Lah what was his response? Was there a reply to the memorandum sent in Putrajaya when about 3,000 Indians gathered in front of Pak Lah's one Sunday morning in August 2007. If there was a reply we would all like to know what it was.

Your anger is unfounded Pak Lah, your ears are indeed Big but they are DEAF

thewisemansays said...

Well its very obvious here, HINDRAF is an extreme party which is using religion to find it's support.
Sorry to say but i totally agreed with the P.M for what he have to say.

This party is not representing anyone. Infact they dont even have a single parliamentary seat.

Making unprofound remarks... shows clearly that HINDRAF have some other motives...
This what happens when the so called malaysian have no patriotic feeling towards their country and starts taking law in their hand and doing illegal rallies.

Having travel around the world for once im so thankful im leaving in malaysia.

Malaysia is a peaceful country so i hope it will continue to do so.

The goverment should maintain the peace on malaysian streets...and they have every right to do so..because they represent the people of malaysia.

As for HINDRAF in future plse do their illegal rally in India and see what do the authority there do to you.

as for "malayamuda"..plse gets your facts right...there is law in malaysia we dont live in the jungles. If you are not happy plse by all mean get a lawyer. Malaysia is a free country.

If you are still not happy by all means you can migrate ( im not forcing you but option is your's)) and try making illegal temples or even illegal rally there..then tell me the outcome of it).St the same time there are so many foreign professional skill workers who like to make malaysia has their home and obtain malaysian citezenship and very much like to get the grip of the malaysian passport.

I want a peace in my beautiful country Malaysia. I want all the malaysian regardless of where their ancestor are from to respect each other and follow the law.
and please channel your grievances through your elected representative in the parliament. if you guys are still not happy with them then coming next election vote for others..if still not happy then what can i say...migrate....lastly the choice is yours....don make live difficult plse follow the law for others to leave peacefully in this country.

So plse no illegal roadshow in the city...to all the others too... i want some peace here..

As for the PM plse be bit agresive and learn something from your previous mentor.