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Friday, December 28, 2007

malaysiakini's News Maker for 2007

Some would consider this choice to be in poor taste as it portrayed a person conniving to place judges who were compromised in our courts.

So it is appropriate to consider the results of MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 31 that asked the question -

"What Do You Consider to be the Most Important Function of the Royal Commission with Respect to the Tapes?"

Of the 246 readers who took the poll, the breakdown is as follows:

126 or 51% chose "Restore the Judiciary to its Proper Status"

41 or 17% chose "Bring to Trial All Those Implicated in the Tape"

38 or 15% picked "Damage Control to the Government"

25 or 10% wanted to "Establish a Commission to Appoint Judges"

16 or 7% chose "Remove all Tainted Judges"

You will note that 85% readers wanted to improve the quality of the Malaysian Judiciary.

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