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Friday, December 21, 2007

All We Want for Christmas......

Christmas is a time for goodwill but according to malaysiakini, the authorities want to do a Scrooge based on the article "Catholic weekly in quandary over permit".

No it is not about a protest march ala HINDRAF or BERSIH but a publishing permit that has to be renewed EACH year.

It appears from the article that the highly enlightened people that ponder on these permits do not like the Bahasa Malaysia section and want it removed altogether.

It seems the authorities are adopting the same approach taken during the Section 11 discussions that were disallowed by the authorities as if peaceful discussions between people of different religions will weaken one party or the other.

Just imagine that. Our national language is being banned as a language to write on religious matters.

The way we celebrate non-Islamic religious festivities also leaves much to be desired. Of course the "Open House" gatherings are organised by the authorities but the gathering is merely an excuse for the overeating of unhealthy food.
For example the state Tv stations will never telecast a non-Muslim religious service during the relevant festival.

Did someone mention Civilisational?

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yellowkingdom said...

With this recent action to ban the Catholic Herald from publishing a Bahasa Malaysia section, I seriously doubt our Prime Minister's call-

Malaysians should move forward and put the country’s interest before any “narrowly defined demands”, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi..... “Over the last few months, narrow-mindedness and intolerance, propounded by a small group, have served to test our faith in each other. ...“Despite all the rhetoric, the great religions of the world practised across Malaysia share many universal beliefs."

If that is so, why the strict conditions of the use of Allah, for God the Almighty to certain religious segment. Why do you disallow the use of Bahasa Malaysia in a "For Private Circulation Only" publication?