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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Different View from malaysiakini on Things that Mattered in 2007....

Of course we do have serious challenges to overcome in the near future if Malaysia is not to become a nation like Pakistan where even campaigning in elections is a dangerous activity.

Our Judiciary has become infested with judges who may be influenced and the RCI formed has been tasked to tread warily lest the institution of government is weakened further. malaysiakini has a good write-up on all the issues so I will not repeat the same.

To me the most poignant story was the Chinese girl who got a new heart from a Malay boy. It spoke wonders about the kind of kinship Malaysians feel as ordinary folks who live humdrum lives and have to tolerate all kinds of hardships that the authorities do not bother to take seriously.

The second happening story were the non-violent marches (until the police fired) that ordinary folks took part in, defying the might of the police. It shows that more Malaysians are waking up to the fact that they need to do something to get Malaysia get to the proper path of integrity and transparency in government matters.

So 2007 is the Year of the Common Man or Woman. May he or she grow wiser and help Malaysia grow strong. ALLAH help us all.

That is my wish for 2008.

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