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Saturday, December 1, 2007

More Like a Problematic 2008 Ahead....

malaysiakini has this article headed "Uneasy December ahead" but I feel the whole of 2008 will be unsettled untill the next general elections are held in a free and fair manner.

It seems that more Malaysians have woken up to the fact that they have been cheated of so many things like:

the right to information
the right to disagree
the right to improve their status in life

on account of draconian laws like the OSA, the ISA and the blood-sucking policy of the NEP that has created a multitude of self-seeking politicians and their cronies and done little to help the really poor people of all races.

The photo was emailed to me by a friend and apparently there was an incident at the IOI Mall(in Puchong?) one or two days ago after the new toll rates were announced.

We all know that oil prices may not be controlled by anyone as it is a function of supply and demand.

But toll prices and agreements were fixed under a blanket of the greatest secrecy. It seems that it was done under cover of darkness; just like how you go about planning a bank heist.

I mean we have already paid so much toll and all that is proposed is that we keep paying for more extended periods just because they rate goes up by 10% instead of the agreed 20%.

To me this is the Archilles heel of the toll program. It is noted that the toll at the Causeway is going up by 11.5% come 2008.
The basic question is the Causeway should not be included in the Ever Increasing hikes as it was built and paid for before PLUS was formed.

Any collection here should reflect the maintenance cost of the 1km Causeway unless the JB City leaders become smart enough and reclaim what is rightfully the city's gateway.

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Zawi said...

H J,
All the more reason to change this stupid government who is bent on robbing the poor rakyat blind.