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Saturday, December 29, 2007

IPCMC Cannot Be Replaced with a MakeOver...

You have to admire the police for their gall.
They have been able to hoodwink or convince their political masters that the IPCMC is not a good idea and were able to delay the IPCMC for more then 2 years while the AG's officers or law students created another body the SCC so that ALL government officers are covered.

But if one studies the differences between the IPCMC, it is like comparing a ten-year old Proton with a Porsche.
That is why "Activists to form coalition against watered-down SCC" according to a malaysiakini article.

Now to add insult and insolence to their adamant refusal to the IPCMC, the police propose "to get PR makeover" according to this NST article.

It is similar to sending your poorly operating Proton for a paint job when what it sorely needs is a major overhaul.

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