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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Like Zimbabwee than a World Class Democracy....

There is no blood on the streets but the suppression of dissenting voices as reported in malaysiakini and the newspapers shows that the fragile flower of democracy is not blossoming but being denied a new growth even as we begin our 50th year as a sovereign nation.

Even the most peaceful and placid protester is being bundled into the police vans and even manhandled with unnecessary vigour. It appears that the police are getting some revenge back on those who called for the IPCMC to be implemented.

Even the bill to extend the tenure of the EC Chairman could be passed so quickly compared to the IPCMC that has been dragged on for more than two years now. Maybe the authorities believe that if anything is dragged on for long enough, the public will soon tire. Anyone here still bother to read the Altantuuya case in the papers? For all you know those two masked men brought to court could have been switched by now as no one has seen their faces.

Perhaps like the story "The Man in the Iron Mask" the two guys in those masks could even be some unrecorded criminals who could be prevented from speaking even after their conviction.

If you follow CNN, there is a case on "water-boarding", a form of torture that is being investigated in the USA and if you watch the news clip, you will see protesters inside the building where the lawmen are questioning the general and the only thing that happens to the female protester with the placard is that she is led to the side so as not to obstruct the passage.

In our case, I would have directed the police to allow the BERSIH marchers access to the entrance to Parliament and allowed them to meet MPs who were prepared to see them. Surely feedback from citizens is a necessary tool for MPs check the sentiments on the ground?

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