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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

malaysiakini Missed this Important Story...

It is about the deaths of 8 Malaysians who did not confront or attack the police. All they did was to enter a bus headed to disaster and they met a sudden death at a toll plaza; the infamous Jelapang toll that has so been the cause of more than 142 accidents and numerous deaths during the past 10 years.

As many buses and lorries are not maintained properly, the brakes will usually fail during the prolonged braking that is necessary on the long downhill after the tunnel before the toll plaza.

A few years ago, a gravel bed was constructed to arrest runaway vehicles but I just wonder how many drivers are aware of its existence and how many have actually been told how to use it.

Getting the new toll plaza ready in 6 months is simply not good enough.
I suggest that PLUS should set up a check-up station before the tunnel so that vehicles that are not road-worthy are not allowed to use the tunnel. This facility should be located so that these vehicles can bypass the dangerous section of the highway.

This should be done with the JPJ so that innocent lives are not put at risk and the offending vehicles can also be booked.
Or is that asking too much?

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