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Friday, December 28, 2007

malaysiakini's Summary on the IPCMC and SCC

(click2 on table to see details)

The MSM appears to have avoided any critical assessment on the proposed SCC but I guess that should not surprise anyone.

So this article from malaysiakini entitled "SCC vs IPCMC: Check out the difference" gives an interesting comparison between the original IPCMC and the new SCC.

The basic result of the 2-year delay by the authorities appears to be a watered-down commission that gives some measure of a complaints bureau but provides more of a pressure-relief mechanism by which the PM can practise "political tai-chi".

I have done a simple comparison of the 2 commissions as follows:

Each of the main components has been allocated a weighed value percentage to make up 100% for the seven main features.
Each feature is then given a score based on a maximum score of 10 points. The higher the score the more effective the feature compared between the two commissions.
The score is then multiplied by the weightage to get a weighted score.
The scores are then added to obtain the final score at the bottom of the table.

This is not a claim to being right. You can do your own analysis to see if the authorities have improved on the IPCMC or simply doing some "window dressing".

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