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Monday, December 10, 2007

We Live in Dangerous Times.......

Change in society is always fraught with danger and we can see that with the arrests of the laywers as reported in malaysiakini.

These were not mobs that ran about damaging cars and property but simply because they wanted to walk one kilometer to mark Human Rights Day.

So the police did arrest some of them and yes we surrendered them the powers when we allowed our MPs to approve draconian laws that required all to need to permit for something as innocent as a peaceful march.

Of course some people can get police approvals for demonstrations but it seems only those who support the government can get the permit.

The arrests of the lawyers during a peaceful march mark a watershed in the growth of the democratic awakening in Malaysia.

For too long we allowed the leaders to do the thinking and unfortunately too much wealth and opportunites have clouded the thinking process and we can see much of the problems in society.

There is this very interesting letter you can read for free here published in malaysiakini . If more Malays like Noor Aza Othman come forward and lead others we can all still make Malaysia the paradise it once was.


multidimid said...

What a Sunday 9th Dec 07 - DAY of ARREST!. The Government is acting tough and flexing its muscles and acting to deflect Hindraf allegations that they were discriminated. So everyone is roped in for flouting the laws. The PM says lawyers are not exempted and so are the Bersih Protesters.
However, there are exceptions to this selective application of the long arm of the law. When the rural folks openly flouted the law for not wearing crash helmets, they can get away Scott free; the Palestinian student who breached KLIA Security then stowaway to Singapore was set free and that SMS woman in Ipoh who sent Protesters to a Church alleging baptism by the famous Sailor was also not prosecuted. This is PM Abdullah interpretation “no favouritism whatsoever on this matter”
Apart from the 9 arrested in Sunday’s Peace Walk, 14 Involved with Bersih Rally including PAS Mohd Sabu & PKR Tian Chua were also taken in.
More details
Go H E R E

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Let's pray that no unjust laws will strangle just laws
When anyone with common sense can see the obvious flaws
There's really no need to use the sharpened claws
Especially with natural and God's justice to withdraw

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Mon. 10th Dec. 2007.

Ghost said...

Currently our PM worried that recent occurrences may lead to unpleasant and violent activities harming our entire nation which, as a whole, Malaysian, agreeable it’s his accountability to manage and suppress such occurrences.

We sincerely understand their valuable concerns, lets’ compromise and be clear to avoid further misunderstanding due our projected division. Guys, why not stand together as a whole, a truthful communion of all ethnic races in this country and show to our dear authority, and the world that we’re alongside them, challenging the ill culture, the division, the separation, hence yearning and desiring for one true united country conceiving everyone and anyone as one family disregarding gender, race, and religion. No absolute, no superiority, no supreme.

To all opposition parties, its time to share this burden of truth, to strife this treasure of freedom, for the beauty of tomorrow, and for the appreciation of generation to come, our voices and our uphill struggles will gesture that this generation, this century mark another great revelation of humankinds conceiving truthful reverence toward Life devoid of bowing to authority, fleeing from fear.