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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Some BN Politicians Say the Smartest Things...

But this is a rare occurrence so we should all take some note of the article in malaysiakini.

The article is headlined "PM told to overhaul his cabinet" and the politician is Kota Baru MP Zaid Ibrahim, a prominent lawyer.

Yes I agree the PM will be more effective if he does a major makeover on his cabinet soon or face a few major set-backs in the next elections.

Malaysians too need to wake up from their long slumber of 50 years and take a more active interest in current affairs and politics.

The middle class should realise that if problems like those articulated by HINDRAF are allowed to fester, being a compliant and trusting citizen does not mean you will not be affected.

We place the future of our children and grandchildren in the hands of politicians we elect. Let us make sure we empower people we can trust. Maybe, as someone once said, "Trust a politician as far as you can throw him or her."
And I don't mean down a 10-storey building.


malayamuda said...

Zaid Ibrahim is the only BN politician who gives wise comments.

And when he opens his mouth the opposition is forced to keep its mouth shut.

I think PM should keep Zaid closer as his Advisor. Malaysia would be a better place with MPs like Zaid Ibrahim.

Zawi said...

H J Angus,
Zaid only ask him to overhaul the cabinet. We want to change the government.