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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One Possible Cause for Poverty among Malays?

I was pondering on the earlier article I wrote referring to malaysiakini report by the Deputy Minister that Malay households were poorer than Indian households.

Without any definitive data, I wondered how come the percentage of Malay households that is considered poor remained higher than the Indian household even after 38 years of NEP.

One possible cause is that non-Muslims are allowed to marry just one spouse whereas a Muslim is allowed four wives and hence divorce is quite common.
The most common result of a divorce is a single-parent household and hence this will increase the number of households that are considered poor.

Perhaps the ministry should provide more details of such poor families so that better remedies can be found to reduce the poor.
An effective solution may be to encourage Muslims to rein in their libido and focus on nurturing the children they already have instead on casting unchaste glances on buxom lasses.


Faiz Fazil said...

Uncle, that's silly reasoning lah.

Mana boleh kata 'Muslims allowed four wives hence divorce is quite common.'

Laughable sangat lah ni...

H J Angus said...

Hi faiz
thanks for your comments.

Yes it does sound like a contradiction but in many cases, the first family is neglected and often the older wife prefers a divorce so that she has more freedom.

Maybe you can do some research and let us know your findings?

goliku said...

Poverty is a problem facing by all the races. So, lets solve it.

Those in power should just acknowledge that poverty is a problem and need to be solved. There is no need to mention poverty problem faced by Malays is more serious than Indians.

To me, to solve the poverty problem is to have EQUITABLE POLICIES, especially in EDUCATION. Only then, if poverty problem still exist, then the root cause of poverty is caused by one's lazy attitude. Then, they can't blame others for being poor.