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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Following the huge success of Anwar in the by-elections, there are renewed calls for changes in UMNO as indicated by this article in malaysiakini:
"Muhyiddin worried, calls for swift changes"

The UMNO leader did not mention what kind of change but others like TDM has called on UMNO to get rid of his own hand-picked successor.

It sort of makes me wonder what is the basic ideology of UMNO that it now depends so urgently on change after being the ruling party for 51 years.

So as we approach our Hari Kebangsaan this 31st August 2008, please take a minute and give your feed-back on the poll (orange column) at left and tell your view on the MPs crossing-over.


alvin lee said...

UMNO knows very well that it would be disastrous for them if ever Anwar takes over the government. Even Tun Mahathir himself press the panic button after the announcement of the result of the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Let us be frank about it, there is no one in UMNO at the present moment who have the abilities to take on Anwar, not even SIL. For a start, the present two leaders are of no match at all, so a change is not an option anymore for UMNO if it wants to stay relevant.

UMNO leaders know that they need to neutralize Anwar fast and I mean fast if they still want to hold on to power. With the entire government machineries under their control, they can easily come up with something. Sodomy? Corruption?
After all, name me a politician who is "clean".

I just hope that KL will not turn into another Bangkok.

Oink OInk said...

what's next? i thought badawi gave hints already? i think he's preparing himself for a new job. what america gives the world, the idiot kid named alfred neuman in the mad magazine, with his old tune of 'what - me worry?', badawi is similarly playing his part with his liner - we do not have to worry!

hahahahaha titanic sinking ...