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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surprised at Poll Results

As I enter the 4th year of blogging I invited readers to give some feedback on my blog MalaysiaWatch and the following results are a little surprising at first:

150 readers took the trouble to take part and I thank you for the feedback.
  1. 89 readers or 59% chose "Just Continue with the Current Style"
  2. 37 readers or 25% chose "You Are Too Kind to the BN Government"
  3. 12 or 8% picked "Please Write on More Diverse Topics"
  4. 11 or 7% picked "It's Time You Stopped Writing"
  5. 1 or 1% chose "You Are Too Harsh to the Government"

Perhaps the main reason for the response in #2 ie "You Are Too Kind to the BN Government" is that most of my readers come from malaysiakini and people who read it tend to be anti-BN?

That could also explain the low score for #5.

Maybe if readers suggest what they would like me to write about, I will try to oblige!

For those who advised #4 well, I guess you know what you need to do.

My writing is not pro or anti-government but pro-Malaysia and I hope to see the transformation of Malaysia into a vibrant democracy with a 2 or 3-party system in my lifetime.

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