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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The battle for PERMATANG PAUH

malaysiakini has this article on the by-elections:
"Will Permatang Pauh stand by him?"

It is a shame that the Election Commission has made the polling day on a work day; thereby creating problems for outstation workers who are being deprived of their voting rights.

Any person with a little intelligence will able to see that the EC has opened its bag of "dirty tricks".

By disrupting the schools' operations, the EC is also inconveniencing thousands of parents who will need to make extra plans for their kids when they attend make-up lessons on a Saturday. See how much the government "cares" for ordinary folks by making them spend more?
According to the malaysiakini article, the BN has 24,642 members registered in PP, with 19,000 UMNO members.
However if you look at the results of the recent elections, only 16,950 voters voted for the UMNO candidate.
I expect Anwar to win this seat very comfortably if his supporters do not take things for granted. BN members are still in denial mode and Anwar's return to Parliament should bode better times for Malaysia.
After more than 50 years in power, UMNO needs time to reinvent itself. Just look at how a senior party official talks of how corruption has spread its tentacles far and wide in the party.
"Muhyiddin: Vote-buying rampant in Umno"
graphics: thanks to m'kini

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