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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Racist Teachers and UnEmployable Graduates - MAIN Features of a FAILED Education System

Two stories in malaysiakini this week highlight some major problems in Malaysia's education system:
"Samy: Take severe action against 'racist' teacher"
'Who is instigating UiTM students?'
The first story tells how a female teacher used coarse and insulting words on her secondary school students and was "rewarded" with a transfer to a smart school nearer her home. No wonder parents are angry at this reaction from the Ministry of Education.

The UiTM students appear to be beyond redemption and most likely they will discover the harsh reality of life once they graduate and cannot find jobs, let alone earn RM1000 per month.

These two stories reflect problems in both Education Ministries:

  1. Teachers are not well trained and motivated and some teachers do not deserve that position of trust.
  2. Political interference in local universities and dubious appointments have resulted in the downward spiral in standards.

In the late 60s, UM was recognised as a university of national prestige and only top students were able to enter its doors. Nowadays it is easily outranked by all the universities in Singapore.

To any parent who is disappointed that UiTM will not be open to your son/daughter do not despair. If your kid is in the upper 15% of his class in secondary school, try and send him to complete his education in Singapore. He may take a year longer to complete secondary education but after that getting a bursary to study in a Singapore University or Polytechnic is almost guaranteed if he qualifies.

That is the reason thousands of Malaysian students from JB brave the Causeway jams every day. That is the price you have to pay but I tell you it has been worth it for my four children who all completed their secondary schooling there.


Getreal said...

I fully support the idea of the racist UMNO government in keeping UiTM 100% 'for bumiputers only'. This way the bumiputera graduates from UiTM will continue to be looked down upon by the non-bumis and no decent employer will even think of interviewing these morons for jobs, let alone hire them. Let the stupid UMNO government employ them and see this country go down the drains over time.

malayamuda said...

only things UMNO has taught the Malays in 50 yrs is the art of stealing, cheating, bribing and to become more lazy.

Acer5584 said...

UMNO practise bumiputra=melayu only. I am the typical bumiputra, my nenek moyang is typical orang asli from this land. But I don't enjoy what as "bumiputra" enjoyed. Please advise.

MagM said...

Dear Accer5584
All the more need for you to convince all your friends and relatives to vote for a change in government. BUT never change your race or religion for the sake of getting benefits like some do. Be proud of who we are, even though we are subjected to all this injustice for one day, when we all meet our maker, the opressor will have to answer.

DR SURESH said...

Dear Angus,

Thats why I brought my twins who are only 4yrs old all the way to down under.To be honest 10 years ago I never imagined that I will do this as I love the country of my birth so much and always had a hope that there will be light at the end of the tunnel,how wrong I was.Certainly no regrets, I think all these are a` blessing in disguise' for me.But still feel sorry for so many ufortunate Malaysians who are non-bumis and who dont have such opportunities.


I really feel sad to hear your story.I wonder what is the jabatan orang asli is doing?What else can I say then to tell you to vote for a change.May god bless you and your people.


What you said is already happening.A lot of bumi graduates are finding it tough to get jobs esp in multinational companies.Many more are jobless too.And they have to blame themselves and the `ketuanan melayu' policy for all these.But do we want this?I am sure we all want our bumi brethrens to wake up and work hard to be competitive instead of expecting hand outs.Malaysia will lose FDI and the existing multi nationals may even relocate to other neighbouring countries leading to collapse of our economy.Therefore I would advise that instead of getting upset we all should try and educate our malay friends.I understand your frustrations as I went through that too,but in the same breath I dont put the whole blame on these bumi graduates as the govt system which practises outright racism made them to be what they are now.To start with Malaysia needs a change of govt,then god willing things will fall in place.

May god bless Malaysia.

MagM said...

Talking about failed education, I heard from friends and teachers that it is almost certain that Science and English will be taught in Bahasa Malaysia again next year as the Malay kids cannot cope. It is a sad day indeed for our children should it happen. But what do you expect from a country runned by greed and so called qualified people?