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Sunday, August 31, 2008

RM1 BILLION LOST and Counting

Did you know that based on the latest Auditor-General's Report during the last 2 days the amount lost/squandered/wasted/cheated has topped RM1 Billion?

malaysiakini has two reports so far:
Bakun dam comes under fire
RM10m worth of teaching equipment 'missing'

I suggest to malaysiakini they should do a summary of all the losses as it has already topped RM1 billion to date.

The NST is running a few good articles on the wanton wastage of the derelict ministries. This is really a shocker for our 51st year celebrations. With such wastage going unchecked, it seems no one is held accountable.
Today's Merdeka "present" shows that Half billion spent, RM25m returns for an overseas project/disaster that rivals the Proton adventure with motocycles.

Instead of rushing new bills through Parliament, why are the MPs not discussing what actions should be taken to stem the endless wastage?
I suggest that the ACA should open an investigation file into any deviations that exceed RM50million on any particular project or any ministry that has a total of RM100m deviations in total.

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telur dua said...

When it comes to pouring good money down the drain, UMNO/BN is in a class of its own.

Put all the other financial fiascos together and the list is longer than Jalan TAR. Very shameful and sinful.