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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Sounds a bit like Robin Hood and his Merry Men? I considered "the PM and his Gay Men" but perhaps that would be a tad sensitive.

History has it that Robin Hood was a friend of the poor and so maybe our PM wants to emulate that. After all he did break his word that the fuel price would not be reduced before the by-elections just a few days back and yesterday the price got reduced.

It seems as if the whole Cabinet panicked when they read malaysiakini's alarming headlines:
"Inflation hits a new 27-year high"

Somehow I get the impression that no one in the Cabinet predicted that inflation would definitely accelerate with the hefty fuel and electricity increases - after all, Bank Negara's governor in her somnabulistic voice always manages to reassure everyone that inflation "would moderate" ever so gently.

Just like the PM's short excursion on KL's transport system showed how woefully inadequate the system is, maybe we should give our BNM governors RM50 and ask them to buy some daily foodstuff.

If I were voting in PP I would vote against the BN as I don't expect prices to come down by even 10% unless it is a controlled item. There is such a thing as price stickiness or enertia. It is harder for prices to come down after a recent rise. Just look at the hawker prices. A bowl of noodles now costs RM4 instead of RM3.50 - don't expect any price reduction.

The fuel hike and reduction have been poorly conceived and managed - it shows a basic lack of follow-through thinking and things are still being done on an ad hoc basis.

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