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Saturday, August 23, 2008

PERMATANG PAUH - How Many Ministers Does it Take to Contest a By-elections?

I am sure most of you would have heard the racist joke about "How many --------(any race you don't like) does it take to change a light-bulb?"

The answer is : "5 or 6. One to hold the bulb and the others to turn him around so that the bulb gets screwed in!"

Something like that.
My heading is about the heavy concentration of federal ministers in Permatang Pauh just to help the BN win the seat.

According to this malaysiakini article:
"BN stars camp in to ensure victory"
there are at least

"Since the start of the campaigning period, the deputy prime minister has almost made this mixed area his second home, with almost daily visits.Add ministers from health, sports, education, higher education, housing and local government and the number of deputies, Ahmad Abdullah Badawi can even hold a cabinet meeting in Permatang Pauh if he wants to."

No wonder the nation is regressing. The Cabinet is not paying enough attention to serious matters like improving the sorry state of affairs in our education system and the hospitals but prefer to waste taxpayers' monies on campaigning a meaningless by-elections for the government.

I believe more than one minister has mentioned that losing the seat will not change the government so why abuse your powers and neglect your duties in Putrajaya?

Of course if you took annual leave and paid all your own expenses on this campaign jaunt, I offer you my thousand apologies.

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Francis said...

The man who would deny them the money they misuse is the one who is lurking around, so they are desperate and trying to do anything under the sun to sustain themselves and their empires.