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Sunday, August 24, 2008

PERMATANG PAUH - Absolutely No Influence on ACA and the Fuel Price Drop?

malaysiakini has this report:
"Two Perak excos to be charged on Monday"

If you didn't notice it, that day is the eve of the PP by-elections.
Life is strange, isn't it when so many events coincide to take advantage of a staged event, like the polls?

No wonder Anwar and his team must be wondering how life can be full of such surprises like the oil price drop that has enabled the authorities to reduce fuel prices ahead of their broadcast intentions as they did not want to use such tactics to win votes.

Action by the ACA against corrupt officials should be welcomed by all Malaysians; irrespective of political affiliations.
You will note that the ACA has become more active in recent months after they were freed of the AG's decision-making powers. Now they can decide if they want matters to go to trial.
A small step but an important one. I just wonder - the PR officials with only a few months power can get a few guys arrested - the BN with more than 50 years in control should have a few more cases.

I think the ACA need not even dig/pry into new cases. Remember the "18 sharks" cases that are still in the AG's office with no action recommended? That should be a rich source of trail materials.
Do you think the ACA should take back those files and review?

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