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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time that More Malaysians Grew Up and the IPCMC is Introduced

It is really sad and pathetic that some Malaysians are still unable to discuss serious matters without resorting to threats even after more than 50 years of being an independent nation.

I am referring to the thugs who stormed into the Bar Council building with the connivance of the police who seemed incapable of controlling a 300-strong crowd who were able to "overcome" the mighty police with only their loud protests.

This is not the first time that the police gave in to a ruly crowd as the Article 11 meetings some time ago were also disrupted in the same manner.
It is a sign of our turbulent times that the ISA is being suggested by some quarters for the organisers of the forum who merely organised a civilised forum on how Islam affects the lives of ordinary Malaysians and the problems resulting from questionable conversions as indicated in this malaysiakini report:
"Ambiga stands firm amidst ISA calls"

Is it not pathetic that the ISA is being called for when the police failed to do their duty properly when they allowed a religious mob to disrupt a properly convened meeting where Islamic scholars were also contributing to a meaningful discussion to explain Islamic concepts?
Photo: Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska. The tremendous force of the ice-field causes the ice to break off. The rights of the citizens will eventually overcome the forces that suppress our liberties.


lee said...

This is ridiculous.

Why do you not ask BeeEnd component parties to make their stand also?

Did you not see UMNO was even more virulent in the attacks on that day?

To the idiot commentors who say dont vote Pakatan or DSAI, what is your alternative??

you think ultras like Hamid Albar and Najis Razak will let you have your open forums???


chong said...

it only solifies the perception that "muslim" is violent. (which explains why most of the terrorists & suisidal bombers are muslim)

they just gave themselve a bad name.

btw, since they are so senstive and vulnerable, perhaps Bar councel should not do this type of forum and let the others "mild manner muslim NGOs" to organise.