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Friday, August 15, 2008

Voters of PERMATANG PAUH - Your Date with Destiny

Perhaps it is appopriate that Anwar has decided to fight for his return to Parliament in Permatang Pauh for it is a Malay heartland far remote from the concrete jungle of the cities like Kuala Lumpur where the well-educated voter will support anyone against the BN.

It is left to the rural folks in PP to decide on the destiny of Anwar. According to most observers, Anwar's opponent stands little chance against a Prime Minister in waiting as indicated by this malaysiakini article:
"Anwar asks voters to save country"

The danger for Anwar is that given such an opponent who appears to have cried at the mere thought of the struggle, his supporters may take victory for granted and not bother to return home to vote.

I don't really like to pin the future of the nation on just one man but putting Anwar into Parliament will definitely augur well for the progress of democracy as we prepare to celebrate 51 years of independence.

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Permatang Pauh said...

mm... do you think the opposition party will run the Fed. Govt after this 16Sept?