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Monday, August 25, 2008

PERMATANG PAUH - The Basic Reason Why the BN Will Lose

They did not learn anything after they almost lost the March elections.
No new vision on how to build a united nation even when we are now approaching 51 years as a nation since 1957(Malaya).

After more than 35 years of affirmative action that made a few really wealthy but left tens of thousands still struggling to survive, the BN still clings to its plan of action that favours mostly cronies.

So the by-elections will be another loss for it as even faraway places like PP can know of all the various scandals in Putrajaya; the most recent being the Altantuuya murder case that seems so hard to find a motive that will convince most observers.

They have charged Anwar with another sodomy charge and various reports indicate that the BN has been playing the Saiful swearing on the Koran over and over at various locations.
malaysiakini has this report:
"Sodomy claim: What some Malays say"

If Anwar's case is heard, I wonder if all those screenings can be a cause for lodging a report for contempt as the matter is subjudice.

I think this second charge is not believed by most people as too much sex can become boring. If you have watched adult movies will know what I mean - it's like eating too much rich food - the human can only take in so much.

It is a shame that instead of casting a new vision for Malaysians like what Anwar is doing, the BN leaders only spout the same old rhetorics.

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