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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another INQUIRY on the Police - More to Come with No IPCMC

malaysiakini is covering the SUHAKAM Public Inquiry:

"Cop: Mechanic knocked me over"

I worry about the reporting or the testimony.
In the first section there is mention of "momentary loss of consciousness" but the cop only testified

"I saw a car speeding towards us and the next thing I knew, I was knocked over and floored. After a short moment, I got back on my feet and I examined my injuries," said the 26-year-old.

Then he mentions:
"(Even though) my hand was not bruised or bleeding, my hand felt hurt," he said.

but his baton got broken
"I let the baton hang on my right hand. After the car hit me, I could see the other half of the baton was under one of the tires."

Also the cop mentions he saw the doctor but did not take the medicine or use the MC as
"The attending doctor only gave some medicine for me to take but I did not take it as I did not feel the need to. I also did not take any MC (medical certificate)," said Mohd Azniey.

Looks as if the Suhakam panel is quite right to feel unsatisfied with his answer. It seems the FRU used excessive force for an incident that could have been caused by one or two parties.

The second cop to testify provided some comic relief.
He had forgotten to wear his spectacles and was manning traffic in the front row and "manning traffic"
Therefore he was unable to identify anyone during the fracas.

How could he "man traffic" competently when his eyesight was faulty at the time of the incident. Maybe he did not provide the proper signals and thereby contributed to the "accident"?

I wonder what is the PR's stand on the IPCMC?

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