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Sunday, August 24, 2008

PERMATANG PAUH - Dirty Politics by Both Sides

malaysiakini has this story:
"Money and groceries for votes"

It seems that both the BN and PR that is contesting the PP by-elections are trying to influence voters' sentiments with all types of goodies and shows how desperate both sides are to win the seat.

Malaysian politics has never scaled great heights since Merdeka but nowadays it seems we are entering the era of gutter politics with candidates hurling abuse and innuendoes at each other.

How should voters react to such tactics? It is difficult to reject such "bribes" but the bottom line is that if you are really in such a desperate situation, you could take the money/goods and then vote for the candidate that will really help you improve your life and existence. Refusing could become risky if you reject such gifts outright for some people could get upset.

Beware of strange people bearing gifts for they will promise you anything but fail to deliver.
I am surprised that malaysiakini did not carry this story:
" Govt to pay compensation up to RM100,000 to each family in Kampung Bagan Serai "
The gist of this story is that a government has been instructed to take over the area from a private land0wner and pay the squatters between RM24k and RM100k compared to the offer of RM1000 to RM2000 by the owner.

I didn't know the government has so much monies to be paying squatters that kind of incentive. Coming right on the eve of the by-elections it should be considered a blatant form of vote-buying. Would the ACA act on such complaints?
Photo: Taken from ms Veendam, Inside Passage Alaska. Decline of the ruling party or the new dawn for Anwar?

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